instantreality 1.0


supported on WIN32

Microsoft Research KinectSDK implementation

Please check out the tutorial on input/output streams for further information on how to use devices. Due to technical reasons the input and output fields of a device can only be determined at runtime and therefore do not appear in this interface description. Use the "Web Interface Device Management" entry in the "Help" menu of a running InstantPlayer to determine available input and output fields of a device.



XML encoding
<IOSensor type="Kinect" Width='640'
Classic encoding
IOSensor {
	type "Kinect"
	Width "640"
	Height "480"
	DeviceID "0"
	AlignViewpoints "FALSE"
	NormalizeDepth "TRUE"
	EnableNearMode "FALSE"
	FlipImages "FALSE"


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id Name DataType PartType Default ValueType Description
SFString Width SFString initializeOnly 640 Width of the camera image for colors and depth.
SFString Height SFString initializeOnly 480 Height of the camera image for colors and depth.
SFString DeviceID SFString initializeOnly 0 The ID of the device, in case multiple Kinects are connected to one PC.
SFString AlignViewpoints SFString initializeOnly FALSE Align depth frame viewpoint to color frame.
SFString NormalizeDepth SFString initializeOnly TRUE Normalize depth image to values from 0.0 to 1.0.
SFString EnableNearMode SFString initializeOnly FALSE Enable near mode on Microsoft Kinect for Windows devices for near range depth recording.
SFString FlipImages SFString initializeOnly FALSE Flip depth and color image along both axis.