instantreality 1.0

EnvironmentalEffects component

Nodes in this component support the creation of realistic environmental effects such as panoramic backgrounds and fog.

Goto the X3D specification.

Name Standard Status Comment
Background X3D2.0 stable
BackgroundBindable X3D3.0 stable
BlurFX Avalon beta
ColorKeepBackground Avalon stable
DepthOfFieldFX Avalon alpha
FBOOverlay Avalon stable
Fog X3D2.0 stable
Foreground Avalon stable
ForegroundBindable Avalon stable
GradientBackground Avalon stable
HDRRenderingFX Avalon alpha
ImageBackground Avalon stable
ImageGrabOverlay Avalon stable
LocalFog X3D3.1 beta
MotionBlurFX Avalon alpha
OverlayGroup Avalon stable
PolygonBackground Avalon stable
PolygonOverlay Avalon stable
ScreenSpaceAmbientOcclusionFX Avalon alpha
ScreenTextOverlay Avalon stable
SketchFX Avalon beta
SkydomeBackground Avalon stable
SolidBackground Avalon stable
TextureBackground X3D3.0 stable
TextureGrabOverlay Avalon stable