instantreality 1.0

EventUtilities component

This includes Trigger and Sequencer node types which gives authors the capability to gate, convert, or sequence numerous event-types for common interactive applications without the use of a Script node.

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Name Standard Status Comment
BooleanFilter X3D3.0 stable
BooleanSequencer X3D3.0 stable
BooleanToggle X3D3.0 stable
BooleanTrigger X3D3.0 stable
Brain Avalon stable
Converter X3D3.0 stable
EventCounter Avalon stable
EventTunnel Avalon stable
Gate Avalon stable
IntegerSequencer X3D3.0 stable
IntegerTrigger X3D3.0 stable
Logger Avalon stable
MatrixComposer Avalon stable
MatrixDecomposer Avalon stable
Randomizer Avalon stable
SphericalHarmonicsMatrix Avalon stable
Splitter Avalon stable
TimeTrigger X3D3.0 stable
Toggler Avalon stable
ValueTrigger Avalon stable