instantreality 1.0

Geometry3D component

This component describes how 3D geometry is specified and what shapes are available. It consists of four types of nodes: shape, geometry, geometry property, and appearance. Together, these node types are used to describe the visual elements of a X3D world.

Goto the X3D specification.

Name Standard Status Comment
BinaryGeometry X3D2.0 beta
Box X3D2.0 stable
Cone X3D2.0 stable
Cylinder X3D2.0 stable
ElevationGrid X3D2.0 stable
Extrusion X3D2.0 stable
FaceSet Avalon stable
ImageGeometry X3D2.0 stable
IndexedFaceSet X3D2.0 stable
Sphere X3D2.0 stable
SphereSegment Avalon stable
SphericalHarmonics Avalon stable
Teapot Avalon stable
Torus Avalon stable