instantreality 1.0

Interpolation component

This component includes six Interpolator nodes all of which provide keyframe-based animation capability. The Interpolator nodes provide linear interpolation between animation key frame values.

Goto the X3D specification.

Name Standard Status Comment
ColorInterpolator X3D2.0 stable
CoordinateInterpolator X3D2.0 stable
CoordinateInterpolator2D X3D3.0 stable
CoordinateInterpolator3D Avalon stable
EaseInEaseOut X3D3.2 stable
NormalInterpolator X3D2.0 stable
OrientationInterpolator X3D2.0 stable
PositionInterpolator X3D2.0 stable
PositionInterpolator2D X3D3.0 stable
PositionInterpolator3D Avalon stable
ScalarInterpolator X3D2.0 stable
SplinePositionInterpolator X3D3.2 beta
SplinePositionInterpolator2D X3D3.2 beta
SplinePositionInterpolator3D Avalon beta
SplineScalarInterpolator X3D3.2 beta
SquadOrientationInterpolator X3D3.2 alpha
TransformationInterpolator Avalon stable
VectorInterpolator Avalon stable