instantreality 1.0

NURBS component

This describes the Non-uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) component of this part of ISO/IEC 19775. Non-uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) provide a convenient and efficient manner to generate curved lines and surfaces which can be smooth at any viewing distance. Since these surfaces are generated parametrically, only a small amount of data need be provided for describing complex surfaces.

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Name Standard Status Comment
NurbsPositionInterpolator X3D3.0 alpha
NurbsCurve2D X3D3.0 stable
NurbsTrimmedSurface X3D3.0 stable
NurbsSwungSurface X3D3.0 alpha
NurbsCurve X3D3.0 beta
NurbsSet X3D3.0 beta
Contour2D X3D3.0 stable
NurbsOrientationInterpolator X3D3.0 alpha
NurbsSweptSurface X3D3.0 alpha
NurbsTextureCoordinate X3D3.0 beta
NurbsSurfaceInterpolator X3D3.0 alpha
ContourPolyline2D X3D3.0 stable
NurbsPatchSurface X3D3.0 stable