instantreality 1.0

Navigation component

This component describes the Navigation. That is the capability of users to interact with the X3D browser using one or more input devices to affect the view it presents.

Goto the X3D specification.

Name Standard Status Comment
Billboard X3D2.0 stable
CinematographicViewpoint Avalon beta
Collision X3D2.0 stable
Environment X3D3.0 stable
LOD X3D2.0 stable
NavigationEvaluator Avalon stable
NavigationInfo X3D2.0 stable
Navigator Avalon stable
OrthoViewpoint X3D3.2 stable
PerspectiveViewpoint Avalon stable
PointingNavigator Avalon stable
SpaceNavigator Avalon stable
SplitGroup Avalon beta
SteerNavigator Avalon stable
Viewfrustum Avalon stable
Viewpoint X3D2.0 stable
ViewpointGroup X3D3.2 beta
Viewspace Avalon stable