instantreality 1.0

Rendering component

This includes fundamental rendering primitives such as TriangleSets and PointSets, and geometric properties nodes that define how coordinate indices, colors, normals and texture coordinates are specified.

Goto the X3D specification.

Name Standard Status Comment
SplatSet Avalon alpha
Terrain Avalon alpha
FogCoordinate X3D3.1 beta
ClipPlane X3D3.2 beta
ColorRGB Avalon stable
IndexedQuadStripSet Avalon stable
IndexedLineSet X3D2.0 stable
Coordinate2D Avalon stable
Normal3D Avalon stable
IndexedTriangleStripSet X3D3.1 stable
Coordinate2DD Avalon stable
TriangleSet X3D3.1 stable
TriangleFanSet X3D3.1 stable
Normal X3D2.0 stable
ParticleSet Avalon stable
PointSet X3D2.0 stable
CoordinateDouble X3D3.0 stable
Coordinate1DD Avalon stable
IndexedTriangleSet X3D3.1 stable
SortedPrimitiveSet Avalon stable
CoordinateFloat Avalon stable
IndexedQuadSet X3D3.1 stable
IndexedPointSet Avalon stable
Coordinate1D Avalon stable
QuadSet X3D3.1 stable
SliceSet Avalon stable
TriangleStripSet X3D3.1 stable
QuadStripSet X3D3.0 stable
Coordinate3D Avalon stable
ColorRGBA X3D3.0 stable
Coordinate3DD Avalon stable
Highlight Avalon stable
IndexedTriangleFanSet X3D3.1 stable
Color X3D2.0 stable
LineSet X3D3.1 stable