instantreality 1.0

Shaders component

This includes how programmable shaders are specified and how they affect the visual appearance of geometry. Programmable shading provides a method for end users to directly specify how an object is rendered by providing a method of programmatically modifying sections of the rendering pipeline.

Goto the X3D specification.

Name Standard Status Comment
SurfaceShader Avalon stable
CommonSurfaceShader Avalon stable
SurfaceShaderTexture Avalon stable
ShaderPart X3D3.1 stable
Matrix4VertexAttribute X3D3.1 alpha
Matrix3VertexAttribute X3D3.1 alpha
ProgramShader X3D3.1 stable
ComposedShader X3D3.1 stable
ShaderProgram X3D3.1 stable
FloatVertexAttribute X3D3.1 alpha