instantreality 1.0

Texturing component

This part includes how textures are specified and how they are positioned on the subject geometry.

Goto the X3D specification.

Name Standard Status Comment
IBRTexture Avalon stable
ImageTexture X3D2.0 stable
ImageTexture1D X3D3.0 stable
ImageTexture2D Avalon stable
MovieTexture X3D2.0 beta
MultiTexture X3D3.0 stable
MultiTextureCoordinate X3D3.0 stable
MultiTextureTransform X3D3.0 stable
NoiseTexture Avalon stable
NormalMap2DGenerator Avalon beta
NormalMap3DGenerator Avalon beta
PaintTexture X3D3.0 stable
PixelTexture X3D2.0 stable
PixelTexture1D X3D3.0 stable
PixelTexture2D Avalon stable
RenderedTexture Avalon stable
SolidTexture Avalon stable
SphericalHarmonicsGenerator Avalon stable
StillTexture X3D3.0 stable
TextTexture Avalon stable
TextureCoordinate X3D2.0 stable
TextureCoordinate1D Avalon stable
TextureCoordinate2D Avalon stable
TextureCoordinateGenerator X3D3.0 stable
TextureProperties X3D3.2 beta
TextureTransform X3D2.0 stable
TextureTransform1D Avalon stable
TextureTransform2D Avalon stable