instantreality 1.0

VolumeRendering component

Volume Rendering is an alternate form of visual data representation compared to the traditional polygonal form. Where polygons represent an infinitely thin plane, volume data represents a three dimensional block of space that contains some data.There are many different techniques for implementing rendering of volumetric data. This component does not define the technique used to render the data, only the type of visual output needed. In addition, it defines several different types of data representations for which the renderings may be applied. Each of the rendering nodes will represent the visual output required, not the technique used to implement it.

Name Standard Status Comment
AccelerationVolumeSettings Avalon beta
BlendedVolumeStyle X3D alpha
BoundaryEnhancementVolumeStyle X3D beta
CartoonVolumeStyle X3D alpha
ComposedVolumeStyle X3D beta
EdgeEnhancementVolumeStyle X3D alpha
ISOSurfaceVolumeData X3D alpha
NormalVolumeSettings Avalon beta
OpacityMapVolumeStyle X3D beta
ProjectionVolumeStyle X3D beta
RayGenerationVolumeSettings Avalon beta
SegmentedVolumeData X3D alpha
ShadedVolumeStyle X3D beta
SilhouetteEnhancementVolumeStyle X3D alpha
ToneMappedVolumeStyle X3D alpha
VolumeData X3D beta
XRayVolumeStyle Avalon beta