instantreality 1.0

fully implemented
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LOD (Level Of Detail) uses camera-to-object distance to switch among contained child levels. (Contained nodes are now called 'children' rather than 'level', for consistent naming among all GroupingNodeType nodes.) LOD range values go from near to far (as child geometry gets simpler for better performance). For n range values, you must have n+1 children levels! Only the currently selected children level is rendered, but all levels continue to send/receive events.



XML encoding
<LOD center='0 0 0'
bboxCenter='0 0 0'
bboxSize='-1 -1 -1'
Classic encoding
	center 0 0 0
	range []
	whichLevel -1
	forceTransitions FALSE
	triggerName "Synchronize"
	bboxCenter 0 0 0
	bboxSize -1 -1 -1
	render TRUE
	showBBox FALSE
	logFeature [""]


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id Name DataType PartType Default ValueType Description
SFVec3f center SFVec3f initializeOnly 0 0 0 Position offset from origin of local coordinate system.
MFFloat range MFFloat initializeOnly [0,infinity] Camera-to-object distance transitions for each child level, where range values go from near to far. For n range values, you must have n+1 child levels! Hint: can add an empty Group node as nonrendering final child.
SFInt32 whichLevel SFInt32 initializeOnly -1 Allows to select and fix a specific level.
SFBool forceTransitions SFBool initializeOnly FALSE The forceTransitions field specifies whether browsers are allowed to disregard level distances in order to provide better performance.
SFInt32 level_changed SFInt32 outputOnly -1 Identifies which level was activated for display.
SFString triggerName SFString initializeOnly Synchronize Name of the dynamic context-slot which is used by the run-time environment (e.g. Jobs) to trigger the node. Life nodes will automatically connect the context's eventOutput to the triggerSlot's eventInput slot.
MFNode children MFNode inputOutput Node field that contains a list of children nodes
MFNode addChildren MFNode inputOnly The addChildren event appends nodes to the children field of a grouping node. Any nodes passed to the addChildren inputOnly field that are already in the children list of the grouping node are ignored
MFNode removeChildren MFNode inputOnly The removeChildren event removes nodes from the children fieldof the grouping node . Any nodes in the removeChildren event that are not in the children list of the grouping node are ignored
SFVec3f bboxCenter SFVec3f initializeOnly 0 0 0 Bounding box center: position offset from origin of local coordinate system.
SFVec3f bboxSize SFVec3f initializeOnly -1 -1 -1 Bounding box size: automatically calculated, can be specified as an optimization or constraint.
SFBool render SFBool inputOutput TRUE Flag to control the visibility of the node or subtree
SFBool showBBox SFBool inputOutput FALSE Show Bounding Box of Subtree.
MFString logFeature MFString inputOutput state, child, parent, route, eventIn, eventOut controls the logging of changes, state: log state changes (e.g. live), child: log child add/remove, parent: log parent add/remove, route: log route add/remove; eventIn: log receiving of events, eventOut: log sending of events: guiView, runtime system should create node-view, guiEdit: runtime system should create node-editeverything: log everything
SFNode metadata SFNode inputOutput MetadataObject container for payload metadata inside MetadataSet element