instantreality 1.0

fully implemented
Structure type:

ManagedAppearance (Standard name: Appearance)

Appearance specifies the visual properties of geometry by containing the Material, Texture and TextureTransform nodes. Hint: insert a Shape node before adding geometry or Appearance. Interchange profile hint: only Material and ImageTexture are allowed.



XML encoding
<ManagedAppearance sortKey='0'
Classic encoding
ManagedAppearance {
	sortKey 0
	sortType "auto"
	logFeature [""]


Filter: X3D only | Avalon only | All
id Name DataType PartType Default ValueType Description
SFNode fillProperties SFNode inputOutput FillProperties applied to all polygonal areas on top of whatever appearance is specified
SFNode lineProperties SFNode inputOutput LineProperties additional properties to be applied to all line geometry
SFNode material SFNode inputOutput Material Only Material nodes are allowed.
SFNode texture SFNode inputOutput Texture Valid values of the texture field are descendants of Texture node.
SFNode textureTransform SFNode inputOutput TextureTransformBase Holds TextureTransform nodes.
SFNode texGenMode SFNode inputOutput TexGenMode Holds TexGenMode node.
SFNode blendMode SFNode inputOutput BlendMode Holds BlendMode node (needed for correct transparency).
SFNode stencilMode SFNode inputOutput StencilMode Holds StencilMode (for fragment tests).
SFNode pointMode SFNode inputOutput PointMode Holds PointMode node.
SFNode faceMode SFNode inputOutput FaceMode Holds FaceMode node (useful for multipass apps).
SFNode colorMaskMode SFNode inputOutput ColorMaskMode Holds ColorMaskMode node.
SFNode depthMode SFNode inputOutput DepthMode Holds DepthMode node.
MFNode clipMode MFNode inputOutput ClipMode Holds all ClipMode nodes
MFNode shaders MFNode inputOutput ShaderNode Contains ProgramShader (Cg) or ComposedShader (GLSL).
SFInt32 sortKey SFInt32 inputOutput 0 Change render order manually.
SFString sortType SFString inputOutput auto [auto, transparent, opaque] defines the shape type for sorting
MFString logFeature MFString inputOutput state, child, parent, route, eventIn, eventOut controls the logging of changes, state: log state changes (e.g. live), child: log child add/remove, parent: log parent add/remove, route: log route add/remove; eventIn: log receiving of events, eventOut: log sending of events: guiView, runtime system should create node-view, guiEdit: runtime system should create node-editeverything: log everything
SFNode metadata SFNode inputOutput MetadataObject container for payload metadata inside MetadataSet element