instantreality 1.0

fully implemented
Structure type:

SolidBackground (Standard name: BackgroundBindable)

Clears the Viewport with the given color. Default is black.



XML encoding
<SolidBackground color='0 0 0'
Classic encoding
SolidBackground {
	color 0 0 0
	transparency 0
	clearDepth 1.0
	clearMode "auto"
	clearStencilBitplanes -1
	isDefault FALSE
	description ""
	triggerName "Synchronize"
	logFeature [""]


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id Name DataType PartType Default ValueType Description
MFString logFeature MFString inputOutput state, child, parent, route, eventIn, eventOut controls the logging of changes, state: log state changes (e.g. live), child: log child add/remove, parent: log parent add/remove, route: log route add/remove; eventIn: log receiving of events, eventOut: log sending of events: guiView, runtime system should create node-view, guiEdit: runtime system should create node-editeverything: log everything
SFBool isBound SFBool outputOnly FALSE Event true sent when node becomes active, event false sent when unbound by another node.
SFBool isDefault SFBool initializeOnly FALSE indicates if the object is the default bindable or not (generated if the scene did not contain any Bindable of a missing Type (e.g. Viewpoint))
SFBool set_bind SFBool inputOnly Sending event set_bind=true makes this node active. Sending event set_bind=false makes this node inactive. Thus setting set_bind to true/false will pop/push (enable/disable) this Bindable
SFColor color SFColor inputOutput 0 0 0 the clear color
SFFloat clearDepth SFFloat inputOutput 1.0 [0, 1] Depth value for clear, defaults to 1.
SFFloat transparency SFFloat inputOutput 0 [0, 1] transparency part of the clear color
SFInt32 clearStencilBitplanes SFInt32 inputOutput -1 Usually 0 is used to clear all stencil bitplanes (clear is deactivated if smaller zero).
SFNode metadata SFNode inputOutput MetadataObject container for payload metadata inside MetadataSet element
SFString clearMode SFString inputOutput auto [auto, none, color, depth, colorDepth] Determines which buffer shall be cleared (if not set, color and depth are cleared).
SFString description SFString initializeOnly Text description or navigation hint to be displayed for this Bindable. Hint: make descriptions clear and readable. Warning: without description, Bindable (e.g. Viewpoint objs) can not be activated/deactivated with keyboard or gui messages (e.g. switched with PgUp bzw PgDn)
SFString triggerName SFString initializeOnly Synchronize name of the dynamic context-slot which is used by the run-time environment (e.g. Jobs) to trigger the node. Life-Nodes will automatically connect the context-eventOutut to the triggerSlot-eventInput Slot.
SFTime bindTime SFTime outputOnly Event sent when node becomes active/inactive.
SFTime triggerSlot SFTime inputOnly slot which is used internally to connect a dynamic context-slot which name is set by the triggerName value. Its used automatically to install run-time environment trigger.
XFAny bind XFAny inputOnly sending any event to this slot will bind/activate the Bindable