instantreality 1.0

interface only
Structure type:


TransmitterPdu is a networked PDU information node.



XML encoding
<TransmitterPdu whichGeometry='1'
antennaLocation='0 0 0'
relativeAntennaLocation='0 0 0'
bboxCenter='0 0 0'
bboxSize='-1 -1 -1'
Classic encoding
TransmitterPdu {
	whichGeometry 1
	readInterval 0.1
	writeInterval 1.0
	networkMode standAlone
	siteID 0
	applicationID 1
	entityID 0
	address "localhost"
	port 0
	multicastRelayHost ""
	multicastRelayPort 0
	rtpHeaderExpected false
	radioID 0
	antennaLocation 0 0 0
	antennaPatternLength 0
	antennaPatternType 0
	cryptoKeyID 0
	cryptoSystem 0
	frequency 0
	inputSource 0
	lengthOfModulationParameters 0
	modulationTypeDetail 0
	modulationTypeMajor 0
	modulationTypeSpreadSpectrum 0
	modulationTypeSystem 0
	power 0.0
	radioEntityTypeCategory 0
	radioEntityTypeCountry 0
	radioEntityTypeDomain 0
	radioEntityTypeKind 0
	radioEntityTypeNomenclature 0
	radioEntityTypeNomenclatureVersion 0
	relativeAntennaLocation 0 0 0
	transmitFrequencyBandwidth 0
	transmitState 0
	bboxCenter 0 0 0
	bboxSize -1 -1 -1
	render TRUE
	showBBox FALSE
	logFeature [""]


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id Name DataType PartType Default ValueType Description
SFInt32 whichGeometry SFInt32 initializeOnly 1 Select geometry to render: -1 for no geometry, 0 for text trace, 1 for default geometry.
SFTime readInterval SFTime initializeOnly 0.1 Seconds between read updates, 0 means no reading.
SFTime writeInterval SFTime initializeOnly 1.0 Seconds between write updates, 0 means no writing.
SFFloat networkMode SFFloat initializeOnly standAlone Whether this entity is ignoring the network, sending DIS packets to the network, or receiving DIS packets from the network. (1) standAlone: ignore network but still respond to events in local scene. (2) networkReader: listen to network and read PDU packets at readInterval, act as remote copy of entity. (3) networkWriter: send PDU packets to network at writeInterval, act as master entity. Default value quotestandAlonequote ensures that DIS network activation within a scene as networkReader or networkWriter is intentional.
SFBool isStandAlone SFBool initializeOnly Whether networkMode="local" (ignore network but still respond to local events)
SFBool isNetworkReader SFBool initializeOnly Whether networkMode="remote" (listen to network as copy of remote entity)
SFBool isNetworkWriter SFBool initializeOnly Whether networkMode="master" (output to network as master entity at writeInterval)
SFInt32 siteID SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 EntityID site.
SFInt32 applicationID SFInt32 initializeOnly 1 EntityID application ID, unique for application at that site.
SFInt32 entityID SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 EntityID unique ID for entity within that application.
SFString address SFString initializeOnly localhost Multicast address, or else "localhost" example:
SFInt32 port SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Multicast port example: 62040.
SFString multicastRelayHost SFString initializeOnly Fallback server address if multicast not available locally example:
SFInt32 multicastRelayPort SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Fallback server port if multicast not available locally example: 8010.
SFBool rtpHeaderExpected SFBool initializeOnly false Whether RTP headers are prepended to DIS PDUs.
SFBool isRtpHeaderHeard SFBool initializeOnly Whether incoming DIS packets have an RTP header prepended.
SFBool isActive SFBool initializeOnly Have we had a network update recently?.
SFTime timestamp SFTime initializeOnly DIS timestamp in VRML units.
SFInt32 radioID SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Identifies a particular radio within a given entity (entityID). The radioID is assigned sequentially, starting with 1.
SFVec3f antennaLocation SFVec3f initializeOnly 0 0 0 Provides the location of the transmitter antenna in the DIS coordinate system. Note that the DIS specification allocates 64-bit floating point values for the components of the antenna location vector, whereas it is represented here as SFVec3f for maximmum interoperability with X3D.
SFInt32 antennaPatternLength SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Specifies the length of the Antenna Pattern Parameters field in octets (value is a multiple of 8).
SFInt32 antennaPatternType SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Indicates the type of representation for the radiation pattern from the antenna enumerated value: 0 = omnidirectional; 1 = beam; 2 = spherical harmonic.
SFInt32 cryptoKeyID SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Indicates whether the crypto equipment is in the baseband encryption mode or the diphase encryption mode (high order bit of the 16-bit field) and provides the key identifier (lower order 15 bits).
SFInt32 cryptoSystem SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Identifies the crypto equipment used enumerated value: - (negative) = other; 1 = KY-28; 2 = KY-58; 3 = Narrow Spectrum Secure Voice (NSVE); 4 = Wide Spectrum Secure Voice (WSVE); 5 = SINCGARS ICOM.
SFInt32 frequency SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Specifies the center frequency (in Hertz) being used by the radio for transmission. Note that the DIS specification allocates a 64-bit unsigned integer to represent frequency values, whereas it is limited to SFInt32 in X3D.
SFInt32 inputSource SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Specifies which position or data port in the entity utilizing the radio is providing the input audio or data being transmitted enumerated value: 0 = other; 1 = pilot; 2 = copilot; 3 = first officer; 4 = driver; 5 = loader; 6 = gunner; 7 = commander; 8 = digital data device; 9 = intercom.
SFInt32 lengthOfModulationParameters SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 No description in the specification.
SFInt32 modulationTypeDetail SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Contains detailed information depending on the Major Modulation Type (modulationTypeMajor).
SFInt32 modulationTypeMajor SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Provides the major classification of the modulation type enumerated value: 0 = other; 1 = amplitude; 2 = amplitude and angle; 3 = angle; 4 = combination;5 = pulse; 6 = unmodulated.
SFInt32 modulationTypeSpreadSpectrum SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Indicates the spread spectrum technique or combination of techniques in use enumerated value: 0 = frequency hopping; 1 = pseudo-noise; 2 = time hopping; 3-15 are to be determined.
SFInt32 modulationTypeSystem SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Specifies the interpretation of the modulation parameter field(s) in the Transmitter PDU (enumerated value): 0 = other; 1 = generic; 2 = HQ; 3 = HQII; 4 = HQIIA; 5 = SINCGARS; 6 = CCTT SINCGARS.
SFFloat power SFFloat initializeOnly 0.0 Provides the average power (in units of dBm) of the radio entity transmission.
SFInt32 radioEntityTypeCategory SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Specifies the main category describing the radio entity.
SFInt32 radioEntityTypeCountry SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Identifies the country to which the design of the radio entity is attributed.
SFInt32 radioEntityTypeDomain SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 the field designates the domain of operation of currently 6 radio enumerated values
SFInt32 radioEntityTypeKind SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 An 8-bit enumeration (eg value of 7 indicates Entity Kind of "Radio").
SFInt32 radioEntityTypeNomenclature SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Specifies the nomenclature for a particular communications device.
SFInt32 radioEntityTypeNomenclatureVersion SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 Designates the specific modification or individual unit type of a series and/or family of equipment.
SFVec3f relativeAntennaLocation SFVec3f initializeOnly 0 0 0 Provides an offset from the location of the transmitter entity to simulate placement of antennas some distance from the transmitter equipment.
SFFloat transmitFrequencyBandwidth SFFloat initializeOnly 0 Identifies the bandpass of the transmitting radio entity.
SFInt32 transmitState SFInt32 initializeOnly 0 No description in specification.
SFVec3f bboxCenter SFVec3f initializeOnly 0 0 0 Bounding box center: position offset from origin of local coordinate system.
SFVec3f bboxSize SFVec3f initializeOnly -1 -1 -1 Bounding box size: automatically calculated, can be specified as an optimization or constraint.
SFBool render SFBool inputOutput TRUE Flag to control the visibility of the node or subtree
SFBool showBBox SFBool inputOutput FALSE Show Bounding Box of Subtree.
MFString logFeature MFString inputOutput state, child, parent, route, eventIn, eventOut controls the logging of changes, state: log state changes (e.g. live), child: log child add/remove, parent: log parent add/remove, route: log route add/remove; eventIn: log receiving of events, eventOut: log sending of events: guiView, runtime system should create node-view, guiEdit: runtime system should create node-editeverything: log everything
SFNode metadata SFNode inputOutput MetadataObject container for payload metadata inside MetadataSet element