instantreality 1.0


The MFNode object corresponds to an X3D MFNode field.

It is used to store a one-dimensional array of SFNode objects. Individual elements of the array can be referenced using the standard C-style dereferencing operator (e.g., mfNodeObjectName[index], where index is an integer-valued expression with 0 <= index < length and length is the number of elements in the array). Assigning to an element with index >= length results in the array being dynamically expanded to contain length elements. All elements not explicitly initialized are set to NULL.



Property for getting/setting the number of elements in the array.



Return typeFunctionDescriptionStandard

Returns the X3D Classic VRML-encoded string that, if parsed as the value of a MFNode field, would produce this array of nodes. If the browser is unable to reproduce this node, the name of the node followed by the open brace and close brace shall be returned. Additional information may be included as one or more X3D comment strings.