instantreality 1.0

partly implemented
Structure type:


The DropletFlowAppearance node runs a droplet flow simulation in image space and can be used as an additional appearance of the geometry.



XML encoding
<DropletFlowAppearance surfaceMapSize='256 256'
noiseMapSize='32 32'
fluidColor='0.1 0.2 0.9 1.0'
force='0.0 -0.1 0.0'
Classic encoding
DropletFlowAppearance {
	surfaceMapSize 256 256
	noiseMapSize 32 32
	perturbAngle 0.1
	frictionN 8.0
	frictionSigma 0.5
	fluidDensity 1.0
	fluidViscosity 1.0
	contactAngle 1.570778
	fluidColor 0.1 0.2 0.9 1.0
	force 0.0 -0.1 0.0
	sources []
	appearanceMode "auto"
	tangents 1
	timeStep 0.4
	timeDelay 0.01
	triggerName "Timer"
	sortKey 0
	sortType "auto"
	logFeature [""]


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id Name DataType PartType Default ValueType Description
SFVec2f surfaceMapSize SFVec2f inputOutput 256 256 Width and height of surface map (which holds simulation state).
SFVec2f noiseMapSize SFVec2f inputOutput 32 32 Width and height of noise map.
SFFloat perturbAngle SFFloat inputOutput 0.1 Angle of perturbation for normal and tangent maps in radians.
SFFloat frictionN SFFloat inputOutput 8.0 Parameter for Gaussian-like friction attenuation.
SFFloat frictionSigma SFFloat inputOutput 0.5 Parameter for Gaussian-like friction attenuation.
SFFloat fluidDensity SFFloat inputOutput 1.0 Fluid density, higher values cause lower acceleration.
SFFloat fluidViscosity SFFloat inputOutput 1.0 Fluid viscosity scales fluid velocity, should be between 0 and 1.
SFFloat contactAngle SFFloat inputOutput 1.570778 Droplet contact angle in radians.
SFColorRGBA fluidColor SFColorRGBA inputOutput 0.1 0.2 0.9 1.0 Color of fluid.
SFVec3f force SFVec3f inputOutput 0.0 -0.1 0.0 Force vector.
MFVec3f sources MFVec3f inputOutput Defining droplet sources in texture space (x,y) and droplet size (z).
SFString appearanceMode SFString inputOutput auto [auto, none, multiPass, singlePassPhong, singlePassReflectRefract] Defines the final appearance (based on the given texture). Default is a multi-pass phong-like shading.
SFInt32 tangents SFInt32 initializeOnly 1 Defines the texCoord slot for tangent calculation (requires geometry with valid texCoords on slot 0). As default slot 1 is used, and if -1, no tangents are calculated (then geometry must provide them on slot 1).
SFNode texture SFNode inputOutput Texture Valid values of the texture field are descendants of Texture node
SFNode scene SFNode inputOutput NULL SceneBaseNode Subgraph containing geometry to which simulation shall be applied to
SFTime timeStep SFTime inputOutput 0.4 Approximate value for dT in simulation
SFTime timeDelay SFTime inputOutput 0.01 Approximate value for dT in update
SFBool pause SFBool inputOnly Trigger to pause/ resume the simulation.
SFString triggerName SFString initializeOnly Timer Name of the dynamic context-slot which is used by the run-time environment (e.g. Jobs) to trigger the node. Life-Nodes will automatically connect the context-eventOutput to the triggerSlot-eventInput Slot.
SFTime triggerSlot SFTime inputOnly A slot which is used internally to connect a dynamic context-slot whose name is set by the triggerName value. It is used automatically to install a run-time environment trigger.
MFNode properties MFNode inputOutput AppearanceProperty holds appearance properties (like material, texture and texture transformation) to be applied to the Shape's geometry
SFInt32 sortKey SFInt32 inputOutput 0 Change render order manually.
SFString sortType SFString inputOutput auto [auto, transparent, opaque] defines the shape type for sorting
MFString logFeature MFString inputOutput state, child, parent, route, eventIn, eventOut controls the logging of changes, state: log state changes (e.g. live), child: log child add/remove, parent: log parent add/remove, route: log route add/remove; eventIn: log receiving of events, eventOut: log sending of events: guiView, runtime system should create node-view, guiEdit: runtime system should create node-editeverything: log everything
SFNode metadata SFNode inputOutput MetadataObject container for payload metadata inside MetadataSet element