instantreality 1.0

fully implemented
Structure type:


IntegerSequencer generates periodic discrete Integer values that can be ROUTEd to other Integer attributes. Typical input: ROUTE someTimeSensor.fraction_changed TO someInterpolator.set_fraction Typical output: ROUTE someInterpolator.value_changed TO destinationNode.set_attribute.



XML encoding
<IntegerSequencer logFeature=''
Classic encoding
IntegerSequencer {
	logFeature [""]
	keyValue []
	enabled TRUE
	key []


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id Name DataType PartType Default ValueType Description
SFBool enabled SFBool inputOutput TRUE Enables or disables the node. A node that is disabled does not react to incoming events and does not send events.
MFFloat key MFFloat inputOutput Definition parameters for linear-interpolation function time intervals, in increasing order and corresponding to keyValues. Hint: number of keys must match number of keyValues!
MFInt32 keyValue MFInt32 inputOutput Output values for linear interopolation, each corresponding to time-fraction keys. Hint: number of keys must match number of keyValues!
MFString logFeature MFString inputOutput state, child, parent, route, eventIn, eventOut controls the logging of changes, state: log state changes (e.g. live), child: log child add/remove, parent: log parent add/remove, route: log route add/remove; eventIn: log receiving of events, eventOut: log sending of events: guiView, runtime system should create node-view, guiEdit: runtime system should create node-editeverything: log everything
SFNode metadata SFNode inputOutput MetadataObject container for payload metadata inside MetadataSet element
SFBool next SFBool inputOnly Trigger next output value in keyValue array. Hint: loops from last to first if necessary.
SFBool previous SFBool inputOnly Trigger previous output value in keyValue array. Hint: loops from first to last if necessary.
SFFloat set_fraction SFFloat inputOnly set_fraction selects input key for corresponding keyValue output.
SFInt32 value_changed SFInt32 outputOnly Single intermittent output value determined by current key time and corresponding keyValue pair.